Working Waterfront Cams

Cape Pond Ice


10 thoughts on “Working Waterfront Cams

  1. Thank you artists, painters, photographers, and now Webcammers– lest we forget the majestic and beautiful Cape Ann shoreline and Gloucester beach sunsets — there really is no place like home!

  2. Having grown up in Gloucester as a kid,I am truly thankful for all you do ,helping us to remember this glorious city

  3. Now I can “live” on Cape Ann every day and “sleep” in California each night thanks to all the terrific new webcams.

    Marcia Moran Janes

  4. Fantastic work your doing for so many of us Joey to bring back memories of Goucester that we grew up at and to so many that have visited Cape Ann and be able to look back at so much we all enjoyed while there. Can’t wait to return on a visit and find your Shop on the Harbor and get some Lobsters ..

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